Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our Little Summer Cottage . . . Sort of

Summer around here means that our backyard has come into full bloom and everything’s growing like crazy. And on a beautiful evening like this, the potting shed my husband built by himself from scratch, almost looks like a little “cottage in the glen” doesn’t it?  Come to think of it, it is large enough for a couple sleeping bags and if it weren’t for the possibility of spending the night with some curious, crawling, unwelcome visitors, I just might be tempted to camp out here for a night one time. It’s wonderfully quiet back here.



We’ve got several sunny faces in our landscape. This guy is my favorite.


This one hangs from the overhang of the shed and when the breezes blow, the bells make such a gentle sound.


He built this landing off the South side of the potting shed. From here, you can see down into the woods below . . .


. . . and here’s what you see up above. 


These stairs lead down to the wooded area, where we see everything from birds, deer, squirrels, raccoons, pheasant, wild turkeys and more, depending on the season.  This colorful pot of marigolds brightens up the top step.



I wish it always looked like it does now, but that's not possible where we live.  Every year in the Spring, when we look out and see nothing but bare branches, brown grass and no flowers, it's hard to believe that it will be green and beautiful again.


But miraculously, it all comes back, and we enjoy it so much. Remarkable, isn’t it?  A little time spent back here is certainly good for the soul.  In my opinion, Summer is far too short.

Maybe we’ll have to think of a name for our little potting shed / backyard cottage.  Any suggestions?  :)

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Use for an Old Chair

Many of you talented gals can spend hours browsing flea markets, yard sales and garage sales to find that one piece that makes the heart go pitty-pat, that sorry old item you take home and, with a little elbow grease and some creative touches, turn from trash to treasure. I’m always looking for fun ways to display plants around my home and these planter ideas from are just too clever.  Plain dining chairs that have seen better days refurbished into planters for your yard or garden. Removing the seat of a salvaged chair and adding some colorful paint gave these has-beens new life.

To create your own version, simply remove the seat or cut a hole in it and make a wire frame from chicken wire. Line the frame with coconut fiber, fill it with potting mix, and you're ready to plant.

An adorable child-size chair in blue and green holds pretty pink petunias.


 interior designer Renee Buchhauser on

Using chicken wire, cut and form a wire frame to fit down into the seat of the chair.

ckn wire

Coco fabric liner to tuck into the chicken wire form.


Add some potting mix and lots of colorful plants or flowers.


And look what you’ve got.

I love the bright green paint color on this revamped chair. The cut out sunflower adds some dimension. How simple.


This might be my favorite, so colorful and fun. I think I might fill this chair planter with some bold red, yellow and orange Gerber daisies.


Bright red paint spruces up this cute kitchen chair. You could be as creative as you like by adding words and fancy details.


This revamped chair wears softer paint colors and some “rosy” detail. Very pretty.


I know there are many of you out there in Blogland who could take this sad old chair . . .


. . . and turn it into something fun and creative and even better, useful again.  Have any of you tried something like this before?  Come on, I know you have.  Would love to see if you’d like to share. Feel free to leave a comment and a link to your “revamped” blogpost and show us your creative side.  


Isn’t it wonderful to have Summer back again and everything that goes with it? Warm breezes, Summer rains, lots of sun, green grass and colorful plants and flowers. Mother Nature sure knows what she’s doing. Enjoy! 

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