Sunday, January 29, 2012

Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Reuse, repurpose, recycle.  There are lots of things we use in our daily lives that, if our imagination was tweaked, could serve more than one useful purpose. Here are several neat ideas I thought I'd share from Real that take everyday items and repurpose them to do double duty.  Link to 50 New Uses for Old Things at Real to see more nifty ideas.

If you’re like me, sometimes I’ve got my camera handy but can’t put my hands on the case, and I don’t like to just drop it in my purse unprotected.  Here an inexpensive hard plastic case used to hold a single bar of soap makes a great substitute for protecting your digital camera. Snap it shut and go.


A hard cover eye-glass case, when not needed for glasses, could also be used as a purse-sized manicure kit.  It’s long enough for a nail file or emery board to fit and since it has a hard cover, you can safely carry nail scissors and clippers. It snaps shut and stays closed.


We go through bottles and bottles of ketchup and then toss or recycle the empties.  Here, an emptied ketchup bottle that’s been thoroughly washed makes a great squeeze dispenser for pancake batter. What else could you use an empty squeeze bottle for?  Hmmmm.


An empty plastic Easter egg works great for holding small snacks.  They’re the perfect size for little hands and snap closed in a cinch.  You can buy these plastic eggs for $1.00 a dozen in Easter season. And, if they get lost underneath the backseat or get left behind somewhere, you're not out hardly anything.


If you’re having an outdoor barbecue or picnic, once you’ve put the bottles of brew on ice, reuse the cardboard bottle holder as a handy condiment caddy - - salt and pepper shakers, silverware, napkins and mustard and ketchup bottles fit perfectly once the bottles are removed.  And, it’s a fun thing to add to the table.


And last but not least, how clever to use a plastic Twister mat as a table cover at a kid’s birthday party. The big colored dots are so fun, the plastic will protect the table from messes or spills and you just wipe it off, fold it up and put it back in the game box after the party’s over.  Great idea!


All useful, and inexpensive, ideas, don’t you agree?  Now why didn’t I think of that?  :)

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 Images Source & link to Real

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  1. Cool ideas! I use my old eyeglass case as a holder for my crochet needles.

  2. You are so clever! I like all your ideas here.

  3. Alas, I never can find eyeglass cases as it is, much less have a spare!

    I love the picnic caddy idea & am absolutely going to use it for camping, which will be so very handy. Thanks for sharing this article. :-)

  4. Great ideas you put together! The manicure kit is one I HAVE to do! I can't count the many times I want a nail file. I had one loose in my purse for a while but it scratched my sunglasses!! This is a perfect idea to solve my problem!

  5. Great up cycling ideas! Really like the beverage caddy. It'd look great with a patterned shelf liner paper. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So true Why didn't I think of that. Great uses I got some excellent ideas from this post. Thank you.

  7. Brilliant! I love the easter egg for snacks...I only have about a billion of those laying around!

  8. Thanks for sharing today. You are so very clever.


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