Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Beautiful Blanket of White

I happen to think there’s nothing more impressive than the ability Mother Nature has to take what’s around us and make it beautiful - - whatever the season. We awoke today to several inches of new snow - - heavy, wet, perfect snowball snow.  The sunshine after the storm is bright and warm, reflecting off the blanket of pure white, almost blindingly so, under crystal clear blue skies. I bundled up, warm hat and boots, and headed outside with my camera.  It was cold, but so still, a beautiful Winter morning. 

As I made my way around our yard, I was so struck by the difference between how everything looks today and how it looked when I took some photos last Spring and Summer.  Here’s our Flowering Pear tree as it was last Spring, pretty in pink, and, as it looks today.  I can’t decide which is more beautiful.

winter 2

Here’s a view of our north patio last Summer and as it looks today.

winter 1

The patio gate wears a layer of fresh white and the trees behind us, once full and green, are weighed down with the heaviness of it.

winter 3

This flowering Tina Crab stands at the front corner of our house.  Last Spring, it was covered with tiny, fragrant white blossoms.  Today, it’s wearing a different coat of white.

winter 4

Most of the year, we’re surrounded by green.


Today, the bare branches are covered in a beautiful white coat. The copper tops on the patio look as though they’re wearing a perfectly round bowler hat, don’t they?


I stayed outdoors until my toes and my nose just got too cold.  It was so calm and quiet and lovely.  The blanket of pure white snow was still pristine when I went out, just as it fell, not yet disturbed by the inevitable tracks, tracks left behind when the squirrels, rabbits and deer venture out. I'm surprised I beat them to it.  

I so appreciate the change of seasons where we live, every one of them.  I hope it’s beautiful where you are too. 

I’m going to have a cup of hot chocolate now.

Just b smile

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  1. It was beautiful here in Ohio today. Blue sky and almost 50. We have had next to no's so wierd. Your photos are lovely. Well done!

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful! I like how you showed us the spring ones and today's pictures. Great post:)

  3. Beautiful photos, B! We got about 6" of wet heavy snow on Friday which was really pretty. But....I'm over snow. I want to see some springtime action around here! lol!

    xoxo laurie

  4. Your photos of the snow are beautiful. You got snow, we got lots of rain. I would much rather have had the snow!


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